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Angebot für Gruppen, Terminvereinbarung auf Anfrage (Die Veranstaltung kann auf 3 oder 4 Stunden ausgelegt werden. Tagesveranstaltung auf Anfrage)

Perfect for your group or team, if you
-already have a basic knowledge of English and want to improve your English skills tailor-made to your needs
-would like to enjoy the benefits of a natural form of learning: Outdoors & Walking
-are interested in topics that will improve the quality of your professional and private life
-would like to enhance the refreshing effect of being outdoors with experiential exercises
-would like to get to know Heidelberg’s beautiful green surroundings better

This experiential English conversation walkshop offers you the perfect opportunity to improve and brush up your conversation and presentation skills, expand your vocabulary and also build up your language confidence. The conversation topic can be adapted to the hiking route or to your specific group needs (see examples below). Furthermore you can book input and exercises around the topic "How to be a good speaker" and/or "The art of listening well". Resource-oriented coaching will enable you to feel comfortable when speaking in English.

Thanks to her deep-rooted affinity with nature, Katja Dienemann also acts as a "bridge" and will make you feel at home in the world of nature.

As the event is tailored to your group’s interests and needs, you can choose your preferred topic, hiking route and duration. I will be happy to recommend suitable options.

Examples of walking routes for 3- to 4-hour walkshops along Heidelberg’s most scenic and picturesque trails:
-Around the World-Famous Philosopher’s Walk
-Heiligenberg - Major Celtic Place of Power
-Under Exotic Trees (and - if in May/June Blooming Rhododendron)
-In the Footsteps of Empress Sissi
-From the Königstuhl to the „Sea of Rocks“ and up the „Stairway to Heaven“
-The Green Cemeteries of Heidelberg

The topic can be adapted to the hiking route or to your specific needs.

Examples of topics adapted to the hiking route:
-Route "Around the World-Famous Philosopher’s Walk": The Philosopher’s Walk calls for a philosophical topic, e.g. the art of living well.
-Route "In the Footsteps of Empress Sissi": The paths Valerieweg and Elisabethenweg which are named after Empress Sissi and her favourite daughter Valerie inspire talks about our life between the poles of obligations and our need for freedom. The babel in the Castle Gardens will guide our discussion on intercultural challenges.

Examples of topics adapted to your needs:
-Business English
-Medical English
-Presenting in English
-"How to be a good speaker" and/or "The art of listening well"

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wetterangepasste Kleidung und festes Schuhwerk, Rucksack mit Vesper und Getränk, Schreibutensilien; sofern vorhanden:Sitzunterlage für draußen


4 Std. 370 Euro, 3 Std. 300 Euro, jeweils inkl. 19% MwSt.

Montag 01.01.2024 - Dienstag 31.12.2024


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